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GC and Architect should be able to stamp submittals in Team

The Submittal Cover page is OK, but it seems like you'd have to print it out, stamp it with a physical rubber stamp and upload it back in.  The the architect would need to do it again.  Use the document markup tools to let us upload a stamp, fill in the fields and apply it within team so it shows up on the submittal cover sheet.  Let the architect do the same.

  • Eric Elfner
  • Mar 5 2018
  • Likely to implement
Company CG Schmidt, Inc.
Job Title / Role Director of IT
I need it... 3 months
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  • Carrie Pipkin commented
    May 10, 2018 16:56

    I just showed this process to my PM.  He complained about the same thing.  Looks like multiple steps are required to add the stamp.  He will have to export to Bluebeam, add stamp, flatten and then reupload as an additional attachment.  This is not user friendly at all.

  • Tami Muckle commented
    November 19, 2018 20:18

    Just had an Architect complain about it as well.  VERY cumbersome and inefficient!

  • Shawn Gardener commented
    November 26, 2018 22:19

    Along the same line of thinking, it would be useful to be able to add the cover page (or a dedicated stamp page) to the actual attachment as a place for the stamps without printing from Team (with the cover) and uploading it back in.  

  • Lane Grover commented
    December 14, 2018 22:45

    Why have the "Stamp" fields at all. Can't checking the approved box satisfy the same goal?

  • Brant Fischer commented
    March 06, 2019 13:15

    Ability to add a cover sheet to the current attachment is critical for adoption of the stamp tool. Currently we have to print the submittal out to get the coversheet to append to the document and then have to reupload the document. Ideally there should be a button that adds the same coversheet to the submittal attachment and then we can stamp the sheet. 

  • Walt Ferguson commented
    April 10, 2019 14:24

    What is the latest on this, TEAM? We need to make this happen ASAP

  • Eric Elfner commented
    April 10, 2019 20:51

    It's great we have the stamp option, but it could be a ton better.  For example on Submittals, could we have a stamp with our logo, a place for some standard text (customizable for each client.)  Have it pull in the current date, the Project Number and the Submittal number.  Give the PM team a place to add any custom notes.  Our people are still finding it 'easier' to download to bluebeam, apply the stamp and then push it back up.  I would love to give the a 'Stamp the Attachment' option right in Team.

  • Guest commented
    June 04, 2019 13:20

    Our Company is new to Viewpoint Team as of 2019, this recommendation would address the largest complaint we have from our PM's, and Design Teams from each project. seeing this  recommendation originated April 10th 2018 and is easily the largest submittal complaint with the highest number of votes from your customer base i would hope the status "likely but no yet planned" is outdated at this point?????? please address this

  • Admin
    Sandra Johnson commented
    June 04, 2019 14:13

    Good morning! Thank you for your comments. The status "Likely but not yet planned" means that we do have this on our road map. It is something that we do plan to implement but we don't have an exact date yet to share. I hope that helps.

  • Aubrey Buttell commented
    June 18, 2019 21:58

    The coversheet should be customizible to what fields we would like on it.

    When a subcontractor gets the 'approved' shop drawing and they print with coversheet, it is irreverent to show those stamp boxes. It should only reiterate the Status, Dates, etc. 

  • Shai Rosenstock commented
    July 09, 2019 19:42

    Can we get a 10x vote! this is super important.

  • Guest commented
    November 04, 2019 18:40

    I see this suggestion was posted back in March 2018 and is likely to implement. We just purchased Team last month and I still don't see this enhancement implemented. Are we still asking GC and Architect to download the Submittal pdf, apply their stamp (wet linked or digital) to the Submittal transmittal and then upload it back into Team? The stamp is paramount to the Submittal process and ease to apply said stamp and allowing a text box to add comments, if applicable, within Team is essential.

  • Katie Sarabasa commented
    November 12, 2019 20:28

    I see this says "Likely to Implement" but when will this be implemented?!

  • Camron Walker commented
    December 04, 2019 17:17

    Why are you wasting your time on anything else besides the most important issue for your clients? "Likely not planned" it's been two years!

  • Paige Kelley commented
    10 Jan 17:31

    Someone in a chat I just had said, "I wouldn't expect it soon. I haven't seen any mention of it in their latest planning documentation." We need to be able to add the cover sheet to an existing uploaded document and be able to stamp it with our custom stamp that we upload and save on the team stamp tool. It will save so much time. I currently have a project with 300+ submittals and having the stamp already there would save so much time. THIS NEEDS TO COME UP IN YOUR NEXT MEETING!!! IT"S ONE OF YOUR MOST VOTED REQUESTS!

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