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Workflow too basic for most projects

There is currently only one option to send to one approver. This limits collaboration on the design team side and would result and great pushback from those teams. Typical workflows on the design team side could range from simple single approval with something like paint product data, to something far more complex like a generator where Architect would initially review, send to structural, electrical, and commissioning at the same time, then back tot he architect for finally approval and stamping. With current functionality those designers would have to take the documents and files out of Viewpoint system and manually collaborate via email and using seperate excel file to track ball in court which defeats the whole purpose. This is the number one piece of feedback we receive with all systems like this. If this can be solved, the software will be a large benefit. Without this, designers will complain and pushback likely resulting in scraping the use of the software entirely on the project. This will be needed before we could realistically use Viewpoint team submittals. Large GC's arent building coffee shops / gas stations, but large complex buildings that require many layers of review on submittals. 

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  • Nov 11 2016
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I need it... Yesterday...Come on already
  • Apr 26, 2018

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    I just received a demo from our engineering team of this feature which will be released in a couple weeks.  It is great and am looking forward to the feedback by the voters and subscribers once it is shipped and you're able to get your hands on it.


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    Aaron Jost commented
    November 15, 2016 15:50

    Thanks for the feedback Brant.  Couple of comments.  We are planning to continue development on Submittals in to 2017 and expanding the participants is an area that we will tackle soon.  Additionally, we have plans to expand on the workflow capabilities to support the flexibility needed for different types of projects.  I'll work with you to ensure that we capture the right requirements and scenarios such as the one you describe above.  

  • Tom Edwards commented
    January 25, 2017 01:19

    See attached VFP multi-reviewer example which Mark W. says he runs into a lot.

  • Tom Edwards commented
    January 28, 2017 17:56

    The document markup tool that is used must be able very flexible including custom "stamps," callouts, measurement tools, etc, etc. Otherwise TEAM will not be used by Collaborators first and then the TEAM purchasers second. This is critical to adoption.

  • Mark Weldon commented
    March 09, 2017 18:55

    The ability to capture parallel and sequential reviews with annotations/markup comments is definitely a key value which will enhance the rate of adoption. 

  • Tim Hockett commented
    October 23, 2017 15:41

    We need the ability to create internal routing of submittal review based on spec section. If a submittal is uploaded under a spec section, we need it to be routed internally to the project team member responsible for reviewing that product data. i.e. electrical submittals need to be routed to our specialist, not held up or rerouted by a primary reviewer who likely has no idea how to review electrical work.

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