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"Manually" adjusting ball in court (as the project editor)

Currently when a Reviewer (Contractor) Rejects a Submittal from a Vendor/Subcontractor it automatically generates a Revision. Though this may be required in some worlds, In a Contractor's world this may be confusing by the time it gets to the Approver (Arch/Eng) as they are seeing the submittal for the first time but it is now a Revision. They may and probably will think they have missed the original submittal. It is beneficial to be able to reject the original submittal and send it back to the Vendor/Subcontractor as it puts it back into their court (Items assigned to them) and shows back up on their home page as assigned to them.

Recently I have received a couple of submittals with no attachments (they forgot the attachment or just didn't load for some reason) or the wrong attachment and I cannot put the submittal back in their court without creating a Revision. The only way to notify them is to Post a Comment at which time all associated with the Submittal will be notified or email them. Either way it does not put the Submittal back in there court (Items assigned to them). I have noticed that our Vendors/Subcontractors seem to be heavily relying on their Home page for Items Assigned to Them which is a good thing.

It would be very beneficial to be able to toggle the "Create Revision" to off for the Reviewer so as to put the ball-in-court back to the Vendor/Subcontractor to make needed corrections by a required due date without creating a revision to the submittal that has yet to be sent to the Approver (Arch/Eng).

  • Bobby Asbury
  • Jul 9 2017
  • Likely but not yet planned
Company Leander Construction
Job Title / Role Project Manager
I need it... 1 month
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  • Admin
    Jeremy Larsen commented
    July 13, 2017 19:47

    Thanks for the thorough explanation of your suggestion - We have heard this from another contractor as well that is using Team.  We will evaluate what we can do to better reflect what you need and post some options on this thread.

  • Admin
    Aaron Jost commented
    August 18, 2017 21:25

    I'm envisioning a way for the project editor to be able to "manually" adjust the ball in court.  Right now we do that through Actions/States.  Perhaps we simply add a way to manipulate a Submittal (or RFI or Issue) to be back in another's court.  

    Modifying the description of the AHA feature to reflect.

    Was:  Reviewer Reject Submittal and "NOT" Create Revision

  • Tim Hockett commented
    October 30, 2017 16:20

    The explanation above is correct and accurate. The system should only "queue" the number until it is accepted by the contractor and transmitted to the A/E for review. The Rev number should only increment if the BIC has been advance to the A/E. Thanks I am confident this can be accomplished with IF functions/statements in the VP software.

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