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1.  When you issue a sbmtl to a Vendor/Sub, the Vendor/Sub sends in, you can reject and create a revision as the reviewer and a new revision is made but the Vendor/Sub is not notified at that time and cannot see if any comments have been made to his sbmtl. You have to issue the new REV 1 and let them know via comment when issuing and then they are notified but that takes them to the REV 1 window if they hit the link. Same is true if the Engineer rejects and sends back to the Reviewer, you can create a revision but again no notification is sent back to the Vendor/Sub only the issuance of REV 1, What is worse in this case you also now have the option to Notify and Close, don't do that because now, even though you get the chance to notify the Vendor/Sub on their rejected sbmtl, you have closed the sbmtl and cannot make a revision. I am not sure why you would ever want to close a sbmtl that has not been approved and in need of a rsbmtl???

2.   When you Create a Revision you can toggle to REV 0 (REV 1 REV 0 appears in the upper left of the screen) but once you go into REV 0 the toggle goes away, you just see REV 0. You can hit your Browser back button or the ellipsis in the upper right gives you option to toggle but that took a while to figure out. Would be best if the toggle was visible in all Revision windows.  

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  • Aug 6 2017
  • Likely but not yet planned
Company Leander Construction
Job Title / Role Project Manager
I need it... 1 month
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    Jeremy Larsen commented
    September 12, 2017 14:04

    Thanks Bobby -

    We have had a few other requests/comments regarding this area of the workflow.  It would be good to spend 15-30 min with you and walk through how we can do this better.

  • Guest commented
    September 12, 2017 14:07

    Anytime this morning is good.

    Thank You,

    Bobby Asbury

    Project Manager
    Leander Construction, Inc.
    [LCI Logo]
    24472 N. County Hwy 6 | Canton, IL 61520
    Office: (309) 647-7400, Ext. #1008 | Fax: (309) 647-7401
    Cell: (309) 208-8540 |

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